If the Electoral College was abolished, and people directly elected the President, what should the qualification be to vote in a Presidential Election?

I think that the qualification to vote in a Presidential Election should be when you are 18 years old. In my opinion that is a perfect time to vote in a election. When you are 18 years old you already have learned some responsibilities such as driving a car. By the time you are 18 you should have a better idea on the governement and what is the best for the country. That should be the only qualification, it really doesn’t matter wether you are poor or rich.

Should the United States become more or less “democratic?”

I personally think that the United States should become more democratic. I think that if the United States is more democratic it will have a lot more people involved with the government. Which is a good thing because different people may have great ideas to improve the country even more. Making the United States more democratic will have the majority of people happy because it will be a country made from the people living in it. It as well gives the people an opportunity to show what they can do. This is why i think more democracy will help out the country have a greater effect on people’s perspective of the way they have helped make their country.

Trail Of Tears Short Play

I can’t do this anymore! ten whole months and our people are still dying.

I Know we have been through some rough times but we have to keep moving if we want to survive.

but why do we have to move from our land if we were here first ?

The Americans say that we are uncivilized and unworthy of keeping our land. We have no other choice.

i don’t what to do this anymore i rather die here and not get killed by a white person!

You have to keep moving no one should be left behind.

but what’s the point, all of our family is dead and we don’t even know where we are going!

We were told that if we keep moving west we will have land only for us and that is where we will try to continue our lives.

but we are going to die eventually and almost 5000 people out of 15,000have died. but i guess its better then staying here, so i will keep moving.

Do you Define a Person by their Action or Intention?

I just read a post about a publisher not sending the newspaper to a school in New York. The school says they paid for the newspaper so they should have received it. The publisher thought that there was an inappropriate picture in the article that the students shouldn’t see. The publisher’s intention was to let the school know about this picture that the parents may not find suitable for their children. The picture was of a man badly burned while he was serving his country. The family had supplied the publisher with the photo and they had not enough time to check it over. After reading this article of why the school did not receive the newspaper it made me think that the publisher had a good intention. The publisher should be defined by his intention not the action of holding back the newspaper until further notice. Do you think the publisher should be defined by his action or his intention?

Blogging Challenge

What I would change about myself, so then I could change the world would be my ego. I would change this about myself because sometimes I do think I am better then some people which is  bad because we are all the same. This is what is stopping me from making a change in the world. So, what I am going to do is to try to not think of myself as better, but the same.

My Inaugural Speech

My fellow Americans I will immediately take an act on the problem with the economy and make a change in it. No one will suffer from an economic crisis ever again. We will all have a fresh new start and leave the past behind. We can make a change and have a better economic life. I am confident that we will have a great impact on America in the following years.