Blogging Challenge

What I would change about myself, so then I could change the world would be my ego. I would change this about myself because sometimes I do think I am better then some people which is  bad because we are all the same. This is what is stopping me from making a change in the world. So, what I am going to do is to try to not think of myself as better, but the same.

My Inaugural Speech

My fellow Americans I will immediately take an act on the problem with the economy and make a change in it. No one will suffer from an economic crisis ever again. We will all have a fresh new start and leave the past behind. We can make a change and have a better economic life. I am confident that we will have a great impact on America in the following years.


The most powerful thing you can say to someone is a sentence. Let me explain, in a sentence you can say anything like something happy or something bad. So a sentence can be powerful by being good and it can be powerful by being bad. 

Lewis and Clark’s Expedition

Article 5 – Lewis and Clark Expedition/Preparations – Lewis and Clark are prepared to go on their expedition to the west. They have been chosen to explore the western area by President Jefferson. Lewis and Clark have been asked to study the soil, animals, and the country’s growth and vegetables. This epic journey took them to St. Louis, Missouri.

Waterbury Teacher Found Dead

A 30 year old gym teacher has been found dead. The teacher had gone on vacation on Sunday to the Bahamas with his brother and friends. Tim returned to his hotel at 1 a.m. but when his friends returned 4 hours later he could not be found. He was found dead Monday night. The U.S. State Department is investigating the case as a possible homicide. Tim Massa was a gym teacher at Waterbury Arts Magnet School.