Do you Define a Person by their Action or Intention?

I just read a post about a publisher not sending the newspaper to a school in New York. The school says they paid for the newspaper so they should have received it. The publisher thought that there was an inappropriate picture in the article that the students shouldn’t see. The publisher’s intention was to let the school know about this picture that the parents may not find suitable for their children. The picture was of a man badly burned while he was serving his country. The family had supplied the publisher with the photo and they had not enough time to check it over. After reading this article of why the school did not receive the newspaper it made me think that the publisher had a good intention. The publisher should be defined by his intention not the action of holding back the newspaper until further notice. Do you think the publisher should be defined by his action or his intention?

2 thoughts on “Do you Define a Person by their Action or Intention?

  1. That’s a tough one to ask. The publisher meant well but it was still the school’s desicion. I guess I would say he did right but he should have asked the school first though.
    By the way, my name is Ele. I live in oregon and I noticed your name and thought it was interesting. I have a kid in my class with the same name and I had never thought I would see another person with his name. Anyways, enough of my rambling. Comment back if you plaese.

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